I can log into different places with spark

I have a question, I can log into different places at the same time with one account and receive the same messages?
could someone help me?

Read this http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/46438

add properties route.all-resources system but still can not make a user is logging on at different places at once.

and thanks for your input.

Did you cycle the openfire server after adding that property? It’s not really clear what the issue is you are having.

in openfire within system properties add that property that I read in a post with that I could login with an account on different PC at the same time but still not successful.

That property just sends all messages to all connected clients for a particular account.

You will need to ensure the ‘resource’ name is unique for each client which is connecting.

Do you get a particular error on the client or openfire when you try to log in with a second client? There isn’t any configuration required to support this, although like I said you can’t have duplicate resource names (so if you go with the spark default, it won’t work).

is ok.
I thought that this could be.
what I do is that two people connected with the same account and that you both reach the same messages, since we have a help desk in the company I work and wanted the same message I got both.
but if you can not say I’ll have to see how I solve it.
thank you very much for your help

If you use Spark, then on login screen go to Advanced menu and put different Resource for both clients (say Spark1 for the first one and Spark2 for the second). Then you should be able to login with both clients using the same username simultaneously.

muchas gracias.

creo que ya lo habia leido antes pero no entendi muy bien, muchas gracias y disculpa no tengo mucha experiencia en openfire y spark,

espero que estes muy bien, saludo

thank you very much.
I think you had read before but did not understand very well, thank you very much and sorry I have not much experience in openfire and spark,
I hope you are well, greetings