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I can not setup jive message

I have download jive message for window,but I can not setup it.when I setup it,it always tell me :Internal Error:openExeFile.The size of jive message which I have download is 18.5M.I have download it for serveral times,it is always 18.5M but not 18.57M.Why can not I setup it correctly?Please help me thank you very much.

hmm… Jive Messenger 2.1.2 install exe is of

18,5 MB (19 474 432 bytes) size exactly.

Do you have the same result? What program are you using to download it? Maybe you should try some download manager. I’'m not sure.

I have solved the problem.I used flashget and downloaded for serval times .it was ok at last.thank you very much.i am read the source code of it .Are there anything that can help me and where i can get it?THANK YOU VERY MUCH,

what do you mean? If you want the source of Jive Messenger, you can look there:


I want to understood its source code completely.I want to know its designed idea ,its mechanism ,its mode and pattern and so on .I have gotten its source code and I want to obtain something that can help me understand the source code.

thank you very much for you reply to ervery question of mine.

the source is the best “documentation” for profs. I mean if you know java, xmpp and so on. I dont think there is some complete documentation about source. If you dont understand some part of it, just ask in this forum, maybe better in Jive Messenger Dev forum. I think JM source is really complex and large, so it could be difficult to document every line, procedure, etc;)

Thank you .I am study it .Maybe I will ask you a lot of questions,but my Enlish is very poor.