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I can't add members to a shared group with Clustering enabled

I am not really testing clustering as I only have a single instance of Openfire 3.4.0, but I enabled it anyway just to see. I have noticed that when I try to add uses to a shared group, I get a message saying that the user(s) are not registered. When I disable clustering, I can add users as normal.

Has anyone noticed this, or is this normal behaviour and I am missing something?



this looks like a bug, I also get this error running a cluster. Creating (empty) groups works fine. Adding users to a group fails with “User(s) not added successfully. foobar is not a registered user.”


Hey guys,

Thanks for the bug report.

  1. Could you enable the debug log and tell me the exception you see when adding a new group member? BTW, I just changed the code to print a warn rather than a debug.

  2. Are you seeing other problems with shared groups or is it just adding new users that is not working for you?


– Gato

I just checked in a fix for this problem. Update your copy from SVN and let me know if you are still seeing some problems with groups or shared groups.

Thanks and good catch.

– Gato

Hi Gato,

I prefer a small jar or zip file to download which replaces an existing file, it’s more easy for me and probably also for other users.

I could just confirm this error and did not look at shared groups so far, so it seems that the QA document could be extended by a few tests regarding shared groups.