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I Can't connect Amazon Windows server's Openfire Administration Panel using public IP

I need to access the Openfire Administration Panel using public IP from Amazon EC2 Web service ?

Any one can help me… Thanks

First, make sure that Openfire is running, and that the Openfire process is listening on TCP port 9090. A tool like netstat will be helpful to determine this.

If you do find that Openfire is running correctly, verify that your security settings / firewall allow you to access port 9090 on that server.

I’ve changed security settings, security groups and firewalls then what i do? and i’ve tried like this [mypublicip:9090] but its not work…

Verify that Openfire is running.

Verify that Openfire is listening on port 9090 (use a tool like netstat).

See if there are any obvious clues in the Openfire logs. (<openfire_home>/logs/all.log )

Sorry for delay Guus I’ve Changed a lot but it still not connected. can you tell about briefly how to access openfire server in amazon ec2 from public ip.

Use a webbrowser and visit http://:9090

Thanks Guus,

Yes i’ve tried same but no response.

What i does:

Firstly download and install openfire in amazon ec2 server using RDP then open fire is running well by using private ip

but when i’m using public ip like on my web browser —> http://:9090

but it show the response Error “This site can’t be reached” .

can you explain which are the changes need to provide.

I’m not sure what you want me to say. If Openfire is running and is responding, you appear to have some kind of network issue that relates to your Amazon host. I can’t fix that for you. Check firewall, check if the process is bound to your public network interface, look at logfiles …

Okay Guus thanks for your help and finally can you connect my system by team viewer. Because i’m new for this.

Hai Guus…,

Thanks for your response…

finally I Got Solution…

Can you please post the solution for future reference?


Additionally i’ve update the port numbers in Aws ec2 security groups, Follow the proper installation from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b9d_PMcQ3w thats it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b9d_PMcQ3w

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