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I don't know how to set Database settings

i didn’t know much about Java, this is my first time to use Openfire for Windows

i’d like to ask if there’s something i have to install first before installing openfire.

when i get the web of database setting, i don’t know how to deal with the JDBC Driver Class

what should i text in this blank. i’ve chosen Oracle database. isn’t it automatic to text it?

when i click continue. some information here:

Unable to load the specified JDBC driver. Please verify the name of the driver is correct and that the driver is in the classpath of this server (usually the 'lib' directory). If you add a driver to your classpath you will neeed to restart the server.

 i don't know what should i put into 'lib'. do i have to do some steps first that i don't know.

 or some one could give some help documents.

 thank you.

what ever external database you choose, you must have a database server of that type already running with an empty db for openfire to use. In this case you need an oracle server.

thank you.can i use MySQL on Openfire + Sparks?


besides Mysql,what else do i have to set on my computer to run Openworks

did you read the documentation? not to be smug. you should only need a database, openfire , and java does not hurt…