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I don''t see my Plugin!

I don`t see my plugin in Admin Plugin page !

I done a plugin but i don’'t see in the plugin page, can i help me ?

I need know if this plugin is runnig …

If your plugin has deployed properly, it will be visible in the plugins admin page. So there must be a problem. In order to verify this please do the following.

  1. check if other plugins are deploying properly, if not it could indicate a simple JM configuration problem.

  2. check the log files for errors, if there has been a problem, you will find it there.

  3. if the errors are not clear, you can post them here and let us see what the problem is.

Hope that helps,


How did you create the plugin? Did you use the build.xml file? If you did make sure you specify what plugin you want to build. (this might be automatic, or not).

Better yet, post the output from ant when you do.