I dont understand what OpenFire work

I believe that the default maximum amount of database connections is 20, not 2000. It seems that on your server, the configuration has been modified.

my.cnf: max_connections = 2000

What and where needs to be changed?

I’m not sure why that was configured. We certainly never give recommendations like this.

It is likely that some kind of problem was ‘resolved’ by this. I’m skeptical that your MySQL instance will actually be functioning properly when it receives 2000 concurrent connections/requests.

The Openfire properties that are used to configure the database connections can be found in the openfire.xml configuration file.

I will try update my openfire.

After upgrade to 4.7.5 I got:

and debug logs:
openfire.log.tar.gz (7,3 МБ)

The problem remains the same: when more than 100 users connect, it becomes very long as the wave goes on. They connect and the part becomes with an error, after a while the sessions with the error disappear and a new attempt occurs.
If 10-20, then quickly.
I noticed that the RAM and CPU load has dropped in the new version.

What can you say now? What advice can you give?

Problem resolved: long sql queries in Mysql.
Thanks all!

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