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I have a problem with the paketListener - i receive number of msgs from


I use the exodus program and my program.

in my program i use the PackageListener and filters it with the Message.class in order to get only messages.

When i sends a message from the Exodus with a user register at “amessage.at” to my program with a user also registered to “amessage.at”.

The problem is that i receive 2-7 times the same message.

why is that?

BTW i use the latest SMACK…

You’'d probably need to post a code snippet for us to be able to help.




but apperntly it was problem in my design…

i’'ve fixed it

any way 10q


I had the same problem…recieving the same message a number of times…using addPacketListener…how did you solve it?

I used addMessageListener instead…i still cant figure out the differences…anyone shed some light on this???

Also if im in a chat already with the same user and i log off and log back on my messages dont get sent to the chat person…why is that???do i need to issue a message that initiates a CHAT???


I’‘ve fix my problem with a class of a PacketListener and i’'ve did conn.addPacketListener more then one time - so that was the problem in my case.

So what i did was creat a diffrent class that represents the PacketListener(inner class). And i’‘ve register this class at the begining, after i’'ve made a connection…

Hope i’'ve helped you!