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I have my Sparkplug working in Eclipse, but nowhere else

Plugin Description: I made a sparkplug that starts up spark, sets up a server, and waits for details from that server. Those details are sent through a batch file calling another java file everytime a build fails on the build computer. The server takes those details and sends a certain group of people the error message, machine that errored’s id, and time of the error through spark IM.

Possibly Important Details: I followed the guide instructions that came with the sparkplug download and used Eclipse environment to develop it. There are no other libraries used besides the ones pulled in as instructed and the java libraries.

**What I’d like to do: **I’d like to make a jar executable file that runs this program with no hitches. I tried to make a runnable jar through eclipse, but it wanted a main class. I changed the META INF file to have the “Main-Class: org.jivesoftware.Spark” dealie but even then the jar said it couldn’t find that main class.

Essentially I am looking for some help in getting this plugin to work easily so my Bosses (I’m an intern) don’t think I’m trying to make things hard on them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I also tried to go to the build directory and type “ant jar” or “ant run” as one guide suggests, but the command window tells me there is no such recognized command.

At the very least I want to do is fix the fact that it can never find the main class. That might be enough for this to work.