I have problem. when I want sending files in client spark/ tengo problemas al enviar archivos en spark

when I want sending files to other users,they accept files and after the transfer cancel and disconnet of spark for a seconds. when I can do?

al momento de enviar archivos a otros usuarios, ellos aceptan el archivo y despues se cancela la transferencia sola y me desconecta del spar por unos segundo. como puedo arreglarlo?

Which Spark version? What OS? Try disabling firewall/antivirus on both ends.

the version is 2.7.7. os windows. the firewall/antivirus they are disable. before if he could send files.

Works fine for me on Windows XP/7/etc.

me too works fine before. it may be that the update is the problem?

Works for me with 2.7.7. Is it working for you with older version?

make testing with older version and the problem continues

Check the logs here C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

Next time just attach logs as text files

The only error i see is that your server is not always available/recognizable by the client (something with the dyndns). What setting do you have in Openfire > Admin Console > Server Settings > File Transfer Settings?