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I need help

I check out spark source code form SVN .
But i found the Development Guide and the Javadocs

int sparkplug_kit_2_0_7.zip are not match with source code.

I need help , i am Chinese ,my English is so bad.

Sparkplug kit is probably too old as Spark code (SVN) has been changed a lot since 2.5.8 release. Can’t do anything about this.

hi, I’m beginner in program development.

I have same problem.

I also want to make spark plugins and download sparkplug_kit_2_0_7.zip.

I read some documents and found quoteplugin. So I downloaded that for testing.Result was OK.

After testing, I made my program and built it to use ant and install4j.

But my plugin was not working.

Developments guide said just update the plugin.xml file. Is that all?

I wonder how the spark know new plugin and usage of the *.iml files.

Are these neccessary for making myplugin.jar file?

Please tell me running plugins sequence more easily.

I can’t help you and i don’t know who can. There is no original developer anymore.

i check out spark 2.0.7 ,develop on it.