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I need to implement a chat system for a website, so that customers of the can talk to their customer services representatives one-on-one online over the website

I don’t want your customers speaking to each other, transferring files about etc. I want they have to conversate with assigned admins of the website. Is this possible to achieve using openfire?

Fastpath suite of plugins.

Fastpath plugin for Openfire

Fastpath plugin for Spark

Fastpath war file (for tomcat)

All are available on the site and/or there’s guides how to do so.

thank you for the reply. but I am completely confused with all these. Let me tell you what and all I have done. The only thing I havae done is I successfully installed openfire server in my system. Now my question is what should i do for client here i would like to mention that i tried spark client but i dont want to use spark, as i dont like to say my customer to install spark in their system. so please guide me what I need to do?. thanks in advance…