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I surrender! AD / LDAP Win2K3 help needed

hi folks…

just got wildfire setup and trying to setup authentication on the network and I have been tearing my hair out… and I don’'t have that much to spare!

so… I cannot for the life of me authenticate nor can I logon to my admin control panel. Here’‘s my config… if anyone can shed some light I’'ll buy you a beer.

   </searchFilter>        <groupSearchFilter>
      <![CDATA[(&           (objectCategory=Group)           (objectClass=group)           (memberOf=cn=Wildfire,ou=Groups,ou=Users,ou=Eductation,dc=hmsg,dc=co, dc=uk)           (member=)


well… after I lost what’'s left of my hair… I came up with this, it works for our AD/LDAP:

In your config I didn’'t notice the admin password ??


Hi… thanks for the reply… I have stripped out and set mine like yours but still I have no joy, I’‘d consider myself a professional, but the has really got me by the short & curlies. I have another open source application we use called one or zero for our helpdesk and it does a similar thing but it works… so I’'m a bit stuck on this one… any ideas?

Instead of


try to use the full DN as so


cn=techsupport’‘s cn,cn=techsupport’'s

group,dc=hmsg,dc=co,dc=uk /code

I’'ve tried that I put the following in for adminDN:


… unfortunately it doesn’'t work…

What happens?

Make sure you list any adminDN as an authorizeduser

I have the adminDN listed in the authorized users…

when I try login to the admin console… I get this:

Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’'re an admin or moderator.

When I try login to Spark IM as a user I get this:

Login error: Invalid user name or password



wayhey!!! after a bit more digging around I’'ve got it working!!!

This is my config: