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I want to retrive some logs from my Openfire Server

Hi everyone i have some issue with an user in my company that it say the next requirement:

-She want to see the last history chat that she did with an Proyect Manager in the last 2 months (November and December). When i saw her history chat she only have the months July, August, September, and October but no November and December in her history chat. When i log my Openfire Console i saw that she has history chat records of November and December but i dont now how to put or export those logs so she has those history records in her computer…

It is possible to do something like that?? Can plz someone help me???.

Some usefull information we use Spark to have intern chat conversations in our company and the chat server is in another pc (all we connect to a certain IP)

I hope a fast reply.


Check her history files at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts\ and check the xml file of that contact. Is there November and December messages? If they are in there, what version of Spark do you use? If they are not there, then Spark hasn’t saved them. Maybe she has disabled chat history in November accidentally. You won’t be able to put history from server to her Spark. Well, technically it is possible, but that would be a LOT of work to put every message one by one into her xml file.

Hi and no she hasnt have the conversations of November or December…

The thing that it say is that -> No se puede ver la entrada XML con la hoja de estilo XSL. Corrija el error y haga clic en el botón Actualizar o inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.

Sorry but im from Argentina and my browser is it in Spanish.

How can i see where is that option of disable the chat history??? And with me she has a chat history of december and november but doesnt with the Proyect Manager.

We Use Spark 2.6.2

You should open that file with notepad or some other text editor instead of browser. 2.6.2 version is very old. Older versions had a bug when history files were getting corrupted. Maybe that’s why Spark can’t show newest history.

I open the history chat with Notapad++ and it is showed all the history till today how can now i do to see all the history???

Go to the place that you still see in Spark and look for some unusual stuff. Like missing tags, brackets (like </message instead of , etc.) and try to fix it.

I found this this in 31 Oct 2016 that could be the problem???

What do i need to do?

You should delete that NUL stuff. Move

to the end of the file


before the mariabq@localhost

Then maybe it will work. You can see what is the normal structure of this file. It begins with

and then every message has


It works!!! thank you so much !!

Good As i’ve said, this was a bug in 2.6 versions. You can run into this issue again. This was fixed in 2.7 versions.

How can i deploy an update of Spark now that you mention it to my server and that will be upgraded to each terminal that i use??

I dont want now to have those problems again

Well, it’s not that easy. If you have some experience with scripts or group policies and if you have AD in the network, you can try this approach Unattended Spark installation (via shutdown script GPO)

I also suggest to first install it on say your machine only to test if it will work for your. There were lots of changes since 2.6.3. You may also run into login issues if you are using IP to login.