I want to use my domain

Hi friends, I am using a wildfire 2.6 all is fine, but the problem is , that I am want to use my domain, like myuser@mydomain.com, Actually I am using like myuser@200.XX.XXX.XX, my clients are Pandion y NEOS, I am reinstall wildfire, with the domain in server name’‘s but my users pandion and neos dont connect, only work if I change server name’'s with IP of my server, any Idea please.

Anything more How can I do for working with pass encrypting.

You domain should be resolvable by computers with clients. Therefore you need to use DNS (try searching this forum with DNS query), or you can edit every computers hosts file and put your server’'s IP there with desired name.

I had a similar problem using my domain name with the clients. I found that I needed to had Forward and Reverse lookup information in our DNS server. Also I needed to add a (.) at the end of the domain name (mydomain.com.) in the clients settings. This should not be a sticking point or a requirement but and I am still trying to see why the dot makes the differance but it will now work. I would be willing to bet I missed somting in BIND.


To use just the domain name, you have to configure the dns srv records because you cannot resolve a server using just the domain component. Follow this guide to setting up your dns srv records. http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/2/docs/section05.html#5_7