I will rent a cloud server for Openfire XMPP server and mysql


Which of these installations should I choose?

  1. Debian-64bit-6.0.3 IspCP
  2. Gnu/Linux CentOS 6.X
  3. Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS x64
  4. Debian 7 x86_64 (ISO)
  5. Gnu/Linux CentOS 6.X ( GNOME Desktop )
  6. Gnu/Linux Debian 6 x86_64 Cloud (ISO)
  7. Linux Centos 6.3 32 Bit(ISO)
  8. Debian 7 x86_64 + I-MSCP (ISO)
  9. Linux Centos 6.6 (ISO)

Wmware Esx 4.1.0 STD
512 Mb
Hard Disk
10 GB

I can’t say which Linux platform is more suitable for Openfire, but if you are going to install it with a desktop environment, then 512 MB of RAM might not be enough. But that depends on what you are planning to do with that server (how many users and what usage pattern).

I’ll install openfire and mysql as its db for up to 5000 clients (iOS and android)

Then you should rent a server with lots of RAM.

thanks, at least how many gb ram you recommend?

Nobody can say that. It all depends on what your users will be doing and how much (how many messages, how many connected at the same time, etc.). Too many variables to say you the exact number. I have around 150 users connected and i have 700 MB dedicated to Java virtual machine. That’s another thing. You may have a lot of RAM, but JVM uses only a fraction of it by default. You have to set a custom parameter for it to use more RAM (Openfire: Installation Guide ) but 32 bit Java can’t use much of it (around 1200 MB i think). So, if you need more memory for Java, you will have to use 64 bit Java. But i can’t help with setting 64 bit Java parameters. Especially on Linux. Using Openfire on Windows with 32 bit Java myself.

thanks a lot