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I18n problem

I use Exodus and Jive messenger 1.0.5 with mysql on Windows 2000.

The problem is, my system use gbk locale, but when I sent chinese message, the receiver get a utf-8 message which display incorrect under gbk locale. How can I solve this problem?

Can I force jive messenger send messages in gbk? Or can I find a client which can automatically discern the locale and display correctly? I saw language option in your document, but I cannot find it in the admin console.


Messenger’'s support for i18n in mainly restricted to server messages. Messenger ships with a default english message set that you can specialize for your language by adding a file to the classpath named jive_i18n_xx.properties with xx being your language. You can see the jive_i18n_en.properties file in the lib/jive-xmpp.jar for the messages that should be translated.

When communicating between clients, Messenger simply relays the text it receives (it doesn’'t attempt to do any encoding/decoding of text passing through it). Clients must encode their text in UTF-8 then properly decode it on the other end.

This is a client issue that unfortunately can’‘t be resolved by Messenger. Think of XMPP IM like email. In email, the server doesn’‘t do anything to the messages, it simply receives them from the sender, delivers them to the correct user, and allows that user to retrieve them. It’‘s up to the clients to encode and decode the messages properly. XMPP works the same way; the server only delivers messages - it’'s up to the clients to encode and decode them properly.



I met the same problem as Mr. chenn;

According your suggetions,I have tryied again and again after I download and install the last version . but the clients still can not display chinese words;

so, I changed jive Message to another Server which can support “XML:Lang” in “Internationalization” item;

It is exciting that I succeed!

But I still wait the solution about it for your jive message server (1.0.8) from you;