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Iball-auditor beta3 released

iball-auditor chat log viewer beta3 is now available at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/iball-auditor

The main addition to this release is an advanced search that allows the admin to search on:




or between 2 dates/hours/mins

*You can not search on a hour without at least one date chosen and you can not search on a minute without a hour chosen.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any problems. I can be reached via email (khoehn@etranscor.com) or you can post a bug on the sourceforge site.

Future additions will be column sorting and exporting with optional database purge.

Thank you

Kurt R. Hoehn

i will try this version and see if i still get that error from the other thread

I downloaded and tried beta4, working fine, thanks,

is that possible to add a “View as Chat” link to the related result that contains only for that 2 persons speech?

I will at that to the feature requests. Thank you for the input.


i sent you an email, but just incase you didn’'t get… the one you sent me is working without issue.

Hi Kurt,

Till yesterday (after installing beta4) I got “[Unknow Message]” most of the conversations, do you know why? Line sample is below, I use Wildfire 2.4.4 and pandion as client.

2006-02-14 06:22 PM someuser someone

Yes, actually I do. It is comming from clients that use chat state notifications (JEP-0085). They are sent in messages of type chat and chatgroup. Since we are only interested in the message body at this point I’‘m modifing the auditor to check for a body of null if it is it will not log the message. I’'ll be moving up beta5 tonight that has that fix. With the help of michaelb I got this figured out, thank you for the feed back.