iBall stopping

I am running 3.0.1 and am having some issues with iBall stopping every now and then. From looking into the logs and the iball code, it looks like this is occuring due to a groupchat message being sent with the from user’‘s name not comtaining a ‘’/’’ symbol (line 215 in the Auditor code I believe) and the code throwing an exception due to parsing a field that does not exist and nothing there to handle it. I think that this should be an easy thing to fix, but I am having issues getting iBall to build (I really dont know java all that well), and was wondering if anyone out there might be able to assist with this, since it looks like this is a problem that several people are running into with the plugin.

according to this thread, you are correct it is the / that is causing the problem,

mjparme is working on a fix for this plugin.


untell then I would avoid group chat.