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IBB filetransfer with Spark / Openfire

I have setup Openfire server, and using two Spark clients to test some file transfers.

How can i verify that it uses IBB as the chosen solution for the transfer?

I start a file transfer from one of the clients, and it starts

transferring. One of the clients is placed behind a adsl router and a


Is there anywhere in Spark, that i can see that it actually uses IBB for the transfer?

Is there an XML console in Spark?

I cannot find it anywhere.


when you start Spark you can select (Advanced, Start Debugger on startup) whether the XMPP debugger should be used. If you use auto login you will likely miss this option.


Thank you

And it was an excellent XML console aswell !!

hello guys

i want to use ibb to send files

but i don`t know how to start

am sending file using bytestream but it`s not help in send file to offline users

please if you can help with code snipt . do it please

There is no option to send files to offline users. The server would need to store the file while the user is offline. That’s not implemented nor desireable.

@@Walter Ebeling is there any option to file transfer between online user please guide me