iChat cannot connect, Spark connects fine

Recently, I built a new Wildfire server. It now uses 3.1.1, and is using LDAP for authentication. We are also forcing TLS for security.

All Windows users can authenticate fine.

The owner of our building uses OSX and iChat.

Previously, before LDAP, he could connect just fine.

I have created a user for him in AD, with a valid password. He is set up in a group on the Wildfire server.

He cannot connect to it.

Can iChat connect to this server with this configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Does iChat support TLS only on 5222? I am not that familiar with it. What do your logs say when he attempts to connect?


Honestly, I do not know if iChat supports TLS on 5222 only, we saw nothing in the software config that mentioned TLS.

I don’'t know enough about iChat.

The logs do not show much, but i will clear them and have him try again.



Apologies it’'s taken me so long to respond to this. In short, iChat AV only supports the older SSL variant (port 5223) of encrypted connection. It does NOT support TLS (port 5222).

If you have clients running Mac OS X, your options are either to

  1. Configure Wildfire to also allow the older style connections, or

  2. Encourage your OS X users to use a different IM client such as the free/open-source Adium (www.adiumx.com).

Adium is a multiprotocol IM client (it uses the gaimlib) that connects to just about every IM system on the planet. I highly recommend it. (I currently use a 2GHz CoreDuo MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.8, and I run Adium most of the time, only switching to iChat AV when I want to do videoconferencing).

Anyway, hope this helps.