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iChat users not able to join group chats

Using wildfire 3.1.1 on linux, clients OS 10.4.8

If i am using either Spark or iChat and try in initiate a group chat with one or more contacts that are using iChat they never receive the invitation request at their end, thus i can’'t do any ‘‘on the fly’’ group chats, if i create a room via the web interface people can join that room though.

What i noticed when i use iChat is that when i make the request , the room doesn’‘t show up in the ‘‘room summary’’ page until i type some characters in the chat window then it pops in with some random name like ‘‘chat582470509118027988’’ all the while the other participants still show as ‘‘invited’’ in my chat window even though they still havn’'t received the request on their end.

Does this work for any other iChat users out there?

Same thing happening for me no bulletins can be sent any suggestions?

I am having a similar issue. Anyone have any resolution?