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ICQ Contacts not shown -Bug?

I’'ve the followin scenario:

I connect with a normal client (prority >= 0)

I connect with a bot (prority < 0)

I disconnect the normal client - bot stays online

I connect with a normal client from another ip

and now … in the gateway tab the transport is shown as dnd (status of the bot) but not as online (status of the normal client with the other ip) AND the normal client has no icq contacts in his roster.

the correct behavior should be that the transports status is switched to online and the normal client sees all contacts from the transport.

it might even be possible to log of from the gateway if there are only clients connected with negative priority.

Software versions: Openfire 3.3.0, Gateway 1.0.1

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This is related to GATE-204, though I’‘ve added another issue, GATE-213, about evaluating how I’'m handling negative priorities.

Ug. Hi SmilingJ. I just found out about something weird that Spark does that means I’‘m not going to be able to log a user out with a -1 priority. I guess that’'s ok. I figured a nasty bug which was causing the root of what was upsetting you. =)

did i got you right and the bug was/is in spark … because if i remember correctly i wasn’'t using spark at the time this problem occured

Oh nonono =) The specific bug you were reporting was in the plugin for sure. But we discussed on here that a negative priority maybe ought to log you out of the transports and I discovered that Spark sets your priority to -1 when you switch to away or anything but available it seems. =/ So it would be impractical for me to log you out with a negative priority. That said, the actual problems you were seeing that you described here were fixed and will be in the next release! (if you want a preview to play with a bit and test it out, I attached it to the thread “MSN kicks me off” or something like that… make sure to grab the second attachment, not the first)

ah - ok.