ICQ offline messages that contain unicode arrive blank

I am using xmpp4r to send ICQ messages via openfire

When i send a message with body “i’ll be there…” to a user that is offline, it arrives blank. Note, that apostrophe and ellipsis are unicode characters.

The same message that is sent when the reipient is online arrives just fine.

If i use an icq client (e.g. Miranda, icq2go) and send the same message to an offline recipeint it also arrives fine.

The behavior is the same on Openfire 3.4.5 and 3.5.0rc1.

Attached is the debug log for delivery of this message.

Could this be related to GATE-186?


I found the encoding setting in the ICQ protocol options and set it to UTF-8.

Now, apostrophie and ellipsis are malformed online and offline:

i??™ll be there??¦

Actually i am not quite sure that those chars are unicode.

They are whatever it’s that ruby CGI::unescapeHTML produces


I did confirm that it is a unicode char 8217.