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ICQ Transport deleting Contactlist

I received 2 reports that the ICQ Transport will kill your contactlist when you try to rename a group.

I first thought it may have been something different, but then my cousin also reported it.

Can anybody confirm this?

It is, unfortunately, quite possible. I moved ICQ to experimental because of the numerous issues with it that has not been resolved yet. I vaguely recall someone else reporting the same thing, but there’‘s definitely a lot of contact list issues with ICQ. (oddly enough though, I haven’'t really run into them myself)

is there any online document that we keep these reported bugs about the im gateways?

Generally if there are problems and I get enough information to investigate it, I will create an issue in the issue tracker. Likewise, there’‘s the ability to search the forum. I also put a little note in the changelog about known issues, though it’‘s generally vague. (I believe there’'s one in there right now about numerous ICQ issues)

For the ones speaking german: http://www.patrick-seeger.de/2007/05/02/und-wieder-hat-der-icq-transport-zugesch lagen/

Apparently the ICQ Transport has killed again some contactlist members while being used on JWChat…

Yeah there’'s a known issue with that. Issue is: GATE-188

You aren’‘t the first person to mention it with JWChat, so I think it’‘s a good target for me to use to test this behavior. =) I’'ll add that to the call.