Id and idType in database table ofID what do the values in idType stand for?


I’m trying to create +1000 rooms in openfire, by comparing the database before and after a room has been added it looks like 3 tables are affected.

ofMucRoom, ofMucAffiliation and ofID, ofMucRooms is pretty self explanatory I think ofMucAffiliation associates a room with a particular service.

ofID seems to be to keep a uniform schema for databases that don’t have autoincrement -guide.html#ofID

descibes idType as “ID type (e.g., Group, User, Roster)” where can I find the rest of the "e.g"s?

I have this so far, but like you, I’d be interested in seeing a definitive list too:

18 - increases when roster group created and JID added
19 - ?
23 - roomID in mucRoom Table
25 - mgsID in JiveAuditSecurityLog Table

I found some more at constant-values.html

19 is “offline” (whatever that corresponds to)