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Ideal Openfire system

Hi Guys

We have been doing some testing with our Openfire Enterprise server for the last couple of months and its now got to the point that we want to go live with the service.

To start with we are looking at providing a service to around 100 users, plus we will also be using the Fast Path system to support people and we anticipate that over 40 people a day will use that service to communicate with us.

We are currently running a VM Linux Server and I am really wanting some advice as to what spec/resources to allocate to the server (mem ect) to keep the server running nice and smoothly.

Hope someone can help

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Any standard box should do. I recommend allocating 512 MB Ram to your OF instance (docs explain how to do this), so your machine will need more. You could probably get away with 256 if necessary.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for that

In Terms of application server we are currntly running Jetty on the same server, are there any other’'s that people would suggest … (we have also tried TOMCAT but had loads of problems)

What issues are you having with Tomcat? Tomcat works great as a servlet container for the webchat functionality. Resin is another great one.