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Ideas for a new poll?

It is more than two months since last poll was added. Maybe someone has an idea for a new poll or is willing to do it youself (key contributors!). Aznidin wanted to post a poll some time ago, but now i cant contact him.

Good call wroot. Let’s see what others think. If not we can come up with our polls.


– Gato

Gato, shoot


Ok, so i have such ideas:

What features in Openfire (could be Spark) you like the most? And then a few options with existing features.

What features in Openfire (could be Spark) you lack the most? And a few features from Popular issues or forum requests.

I think i’ll post one of this soon.

Hey, I have just found that there is already Aznidins poll here. But you will see it only if you press More polls. If i press Full results of current poll i only see Daniels and mine polls. It’s a bug?

And now i’m getting System Errors while trying to post a poll… buggy clearspace

As about Aznidins poll, i now see that he has posted it in Developers space. And Daniels and mine are in IM Gateway, so that’s probably why i cant see his poll while pressing full results. As i have requested some time ago, there should be some rotating of active polls in main page, so one wouldnt miss new polls.

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for finding the way to my own poll. Since it was posted quite some time ago, I didn’t even remember that I created it in the Devs space :p.

Yup, can’t agree more with you, this poll thing really needs improvement.

Clearspace 1.8. But i still cant post a poll.


You should be able to post a poll. I just posted one here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/poll.jspa?pollID=1009

With that said, it looks like we have a couple of bugs that aren’t being appropriately error trapped and are generating stack traces for errors (not exactly helpful). I’ve filed a couple of bugs in JIRA and am working on hounding our Clearspace developers for a fix

Try again, but with no special characters in any of the options. For example, “()” are currently generating errors when used with options. If you are still getting errors, can you post the specific errors you are getting here (stack trace, etc.)

For more details on the bugs, you can look at:



Please define “special characters”. Can i use commas and dots? Or should i only use letters?

I cant post a poll. It still shows 1, 2, 5, 6, options to me. I think it has saved my last attempt and loads it every time. Dont know how to clear it.