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Ideas for alternate auth with existing user db tables

I’'ve got a big website community with about 30k users in a MS SQL db table. I installed wildfire on the web server today and got it working just fine with the provided MS SQL db scripts. My existing website user db has properties very similar to the jiveUsers table, with usernames, passwords, and email addresses.

Ideally, I’‘d like to have an automatic jabber login for every member of the website, using the same credentials. This would let users talk to other user via chat, open up chatrooms, etc. Since new people sign up all the time, I don’‘t really want to do a one-time import. I don’‘t have LDAP currently either so I can’'t go that route.

I’'m curious what my best approach would be. Should I look for a java programmer to write a custom script to pull username/pass/email info from another table and keep everything else intact, or should I do scheduled imports once every 24 hours, or should I try converting my current user db table to LDAP and then to jabber using LDAP auth? Are there any plugins for this kind of situation?

Hi Matt,

What you’'ll want to do (or have someone else do for you) is to write a custom UserProvider and AuthProvider class that will use your existing user tables. A few examples of each are provided with the Wildfire source; a good place to start would be to look DefaultAuthProvider and DefaultUserProvider.

Writing your own UserProvider and AuthProvider classes isn’‘t particularly difficult but if you’'d like to have someone do it for you send me a private message and we can talk about it further.

Hope that helps,


thanks, I’'ll drop you a line


I don’‘t know too much about MSSQL database (I’'m a oracle guy) but I think that MSSQL have triggers… You can put a trigger on your users table that replicate changes on the jiveuser table (every insert, update and delete).

This is just an idea.

Hope that helps