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Idle status not get back into online automaticaly


since i have upgraded spark from 2.5.8 to 2.6.0 beta 2. when ever it goes in idle status, comming back on machine and starting the work again with moving the mouse and pressing the keyboard. it don’t gets back in to online status. even if i do start chat with someone it remains same. i have to manualy change it.

that’s a bug i think.


sound like it is related to the fact that 260b2 does not recognize a locked workstation. My preliminary analysis is a bug in the code to handle windows system messages…


Anyone know if there is a fix for this issue in the works, or if there is a new beta on it way?


this is fixed in the Spark trunk. There is no official Beta on it’s way, but the trunk is running well.


Hello, I fixed the problem re installing the spark, before this You must uninstall it and then delete C:\Program Files\Spark and C:\Document and Setting\ %User Profile%\Spark folders


Thanks to both of you for your speedy replies! I will try deleting the profile folder too (I did uninstall before the upgrade to the beta) and see if that does the trick, otherwise I’ll look into what is required to complile the trunk.