If wildfire shuts down unexpectedly how does it notify clients?

Hello All,

I am trying to find out how wildfire notifys clients if the server shuts down unexpectedly. Does it send a special packet? If so what type of packet do I look for?



The clients know because the TCP connections just drop.

The Jabber protocol doesn’'t use a connectionless system on UDP. It uses TCP connections.


a very interesting question. If the server shuts down unexpectedly, or looses it’'s network connection, does it then have the time to send a special packet or something else to the client? In my experience this is not the case, so the clients will notice sooner or later - like DWK did post - that the TCP connection was lost.



Well,as LG mentioned UNexpected shutdown wount let server to send some message. So shutdown should be expected in that case. If failure is expected, this should be fixed. Maybe this should be some separate program, monitoring main server, capable of sending xmpp packets. But that sound like nonsense, server in server.

For end user it doesnt matter to know why connection is lost.

One more thought. Maybe some part of Wildfire could analyze errors in log and send some warning messages predicting failure. E.g. when memory is getting low.

Hi Oleg,

you may try the broadcast plugin and send a message like “Network is down” or “Many errors in the server log” to all users. I assume that this will be funny and cost your company some thousand dollars as the users go crazy.


Last thought was about notifying admins only, and they are all crazy already

Did you ever visit http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-instlog/ ? It’'s quite interesting while Wildfire itself does not use log4j.


Aha. xmpp is not just about chating indeed.

Imaging how i’'m getting flooded by all this exceptions that i see in error.log all the time