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Ignite open_chat, either fix it or opensource it :)


has been broken since the last CS upgrade it appears. Could somebody from Jive either fix it or release the source code to the community so that we can try to fix it.


Thanks for the comment. I don’t think this has anything to do with the CS update. However, I am looking into what the actual problem may be.

In addition, there was some talk of making the group chat code open source, but I’m not sure where that idea went. I’ll try to get some answers about it.

Group chat configuration has been fixed. The problem did coincide with the CS upgrade, but had to do with a change to DNS and the IP to which Openfire’s http-bind port was bound.

Will that fix the demo of sparweb on the ignite page as well? That does not work anymore either.


It should, yes. However, since fixing the proxy and getting group chat to load once or twice, it hasn’t loaded for me again.

It complains of bad characters in the response from openfire’s http-bind.

The only thing I could think of was that possibly gzipped XML content was confusing it, but I removed apache gzip compression from text/xml, and the problem still occurs. I’m trying to get some help on this.

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for fixing the proxy issue. What you are seeing now is just a known bug with Openfire.


Great! Thanks, glad to know I’m not causing that problem somehow.

I reiterate