Ignite Realtime An unexpected error has occurred

I am getting this error while I pointing my mouse on user’s icon in community.

I am visited following thread and when I point my mouse on user icons’s whose post is there. I am getting error:

Ignite Realtime
An unexpected error has occurred

Just when you hover over it? click on it? Who in particular?

When I hover over it. When I am replying this post. Then I also get a message.“An unexpected error has occurred”. After retrying I am able to reply this thread.

I know about the reply issue at least, and reported that back. =)

I can’t reproduce the hover issue. What language are you set to? Is it any particular person?

I am getting error in hovering on everyone profile. My default language English(India).

Hovering issue isnt always reproducable but i do see it sometimes (on my Personal page). It just doesnt load any info in that applet.

About “unexpected error”. I do get it on replies sometimes. And i get it two times when i was reporting an abuse in two latest documents.

Hovering issue example: