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Ignite Realtime Meetup/Sprint/Hangout/Hackathon

FOSDEM 2020 will be here before you know it. There has been some talk about an Ignite Realtime Meetup around FOSDEM. Who’s interested?

I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on time and place.
Would you prefer a breakout room at FOSDEM? Would the Monday after FOSDEM be better? Stay in Brussels, or would you like a change in venue? What about an agenda? What would you like to see addressed? I’m looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.
More info on FOSDEM can be found here:

  • During FOSDEM (Breakout Room)
  • Dedicated Day (Monday Following FOSDEM)

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Nice idea!

I would certainly be interested. For me during FOSDEM would probably best, as I’ll probably stay for Summit + FOSDEM and leave on Sunday evening.

FWIW I am mildly interested. If I can get to FOSDEM I would certainly come along to anything that you organised. But I’m not at all sure that I will find the time to be at FOSDEM…

Having an Ignite Realtime event is an awesome idea! I’ll definitely be there!

FOSDEM in itself is awesome. There’s traditionally a strong XMPP presence there, as the XMPP Standards Foundation holds it’s annual Summit in Brussels in the days before the FOSDEM weekend. To not miss anything of all the other FOSDEM offerings, I have a slight preference to do the Ignite event just after FOSDEM - but I’m flexible!