Ignite Realtime Updates - Your New Cruise Director

Hi folk! As it turns out I am your new cruise director for Ignite Realtime. What does this mean? I’ll be managing the community so to speak: handling bug reports, taking care of moderation requests, listening to feedback, etc. I won’t be doing things like the newsletter and such though. More or less managing on a technical side.

Anyway, so what’s coming up? We have a staging setup for Clearspace 2.5 as of yesterday and will be doing some testing before rolling that out to the community. We are aiming to get it rolled out real soon though so it might be as early as this week! I’ll be making a detailed blog post about the upgrade when it comes, so please be on the look out for it. I’ll go over some of the bigger new features and talk about what’s coming.

For now, I just wanted to throw out a quick “howdy!” to everyone. I will, of course, be in the weekly developers chat later today, and want to encourage you to ask questions about the site here or there if you have them.