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Ignite/Spark In/Out Board

Is there a way to get a simplified version of the Spark client that does not have chat features?

Basically I’m trying to use Spark as an in/out/activity display.

Thank you!

Sadly, no. Something like that needs to be created from scratch.

I’m not sure if it is a suitable alternative, but I recall that Openfire has a plugin that can make available the presence information of users through a webpage (an image, if I recall correctly). I’ve not used it in years, but I have no reason to assume it’s not functional. You could try and see if the Presence plugin(documentation) offers the functionality that you need. If that’s not the case, then you’re looking at bespoke development.

Thank you very much for that quick response!

It seems there’s such an incredibly fragmented approach to capture and convey the concepts of a person’s presence and availability. (At least without some quite expensive subscription system.)

Thank you again!

In XMPP, that information is processed in a very standardized way - but that’s on the protocol level. It is a lot more common to have a need for that presence information in context of something else, rather than on its own, which is why I assume you’re unable to find a client to your liking: the demand for a client like that hasn’t reached us, so far.

That doesn’t mean that can’t be built, however. With any of the available XMPP libraries (like Smack), that’d be not that big of a project, I’d imagine.