Ignite Update

With the launch of Ignite we had intended to send out a monthly update newsletter summarizing the activity of the community for the past month.

Is this something that would be useful to you?

What would you like to see included in the update?

How often would you like to receive it?




Hi Greg,

I don’‘t like “news” letters in general so don’'t expect too much of this post.

Critical bugs and fixes for them should be available for system admins but that’'s another issue and probably nothing for a news letter.

Six times a year should be fine, I assume that you try to have even less major Wildfire (and Spark) releases within a year.

Summarizing the activity of the community for the past month” sounds nice … new plugins, new bugs, new feature requests, LG’‘s new points within the last two months, … a roadmap what we can expect to be in the next version, … new wiki articles or an official announcement that there’'s a wiki.

Probably also a short overview about the news within other Jivesoftware products like Clearspace.


Hi LG,

Thanks for the reply. It is helpful to know what people are interested in hearing about from an update.