Igniterealtime community forum broken?


Over the weekend and evenings at home I was trying to post and send updates to open questions on the forum site, but found that it was returning raw streams in the web browser. Other symptomes were website is not allowing reply, and is throwing HTTP request errors. Many times the site simply won’t respond, disallowing casual reading, login requests, or navigation. I have tested various browsers like Safari, IE, and Mozilla, but similar issues are present. I connect through Charter at home, but at work we have a much faster connection, and do not see the same problem. I tested web proxy servers and saw the problem there as well, so in my mind this means that it’s not just a problem with Charter, other than possibly due to a slower DSL connections. I saw another user reporting trouble with the site. I tried sending some email to various jivers in order to alert them that there could be a problem. Any ideas what is going on?



Thanks for the bug report. We’re aware of the problems and are working to fix them. The site had to be restarted once this weekend due to unresponsiveness. The site is going to be moved to a more powerful box in the near future, which should help a lot as well.


Ah, so this is probably the cause why i’m experiencing slowness in forums too http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/183763#183763