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Igniterealtime.org server doesnt have IM Gateway?

I remember it was instaled there. But now it’s gone. Why? Traffic concerns?

HI Oleg,

not sure where you are looking at, but my Spark client still offers my to register there ICQ, MSN and AIM accounts.


You must be talking about jivesoftware.com server? It does has 1.1.0 version (Openfire 3.4.0 alpha 2). But igniterealtime.org doesnt (Openfire 3.3.2). As i’m part of a community and not a jiver, i have switched to latter server

Oh, so I’m using the wrong server^^.

Closing. IR.org does have IM Gateway installed now, though it’s not working for me anyway.

Oh, btw, I found out what was wrong here. Was a bug in the postgres database code, which ignite is using. Try using it now! I upgraded to the release that should have fixed that issue!

Thanks for fixing this Btw, is it possible to turn on GTalk transport?

Another thing is that while logged in at igniterealtime.org i cant see some avatars (ICQ), though i see them then logged at my server at home. On the other hand i dont see your avatar while logged at home (through xmpp transport). Doesnt xmpp transport support avatars?

This is an old issue which we have discussed before. If i have some ICQ contacts pending, after logut login they will be showing in General group (as they are online, though they are offline).

Usually it is fixed by server (and IM Gateway together) restart. But i hope this could be fixed in Gateway. Pending contacts shou;d have offline status i think.

One more thing. I cant use ignite ICQ transport, because i need russian encoding. Now i get unreadable messages. In my server i set ICQ encoding to windows-1251. This shouldnt do any harm to english users, though other UTF language users will have problems. But they are having problems anyway with current setting.