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Ignore feature?

I had originally posted this in the IM gateways support, and am posting here per jadestorm’'s suggestion.

I’‘ve been harassed lately by a user on Yahoo! IM and would love to ignore the little twat. I could have sworn that there was an ignore option in earlier versions of Spark, but may be mistaken. I didn’‘t see anything in the current version and didn’'t see anything posted here in the forums. Is there currently a way to ignore IMs from a user on a IM gateway? Or, is this planned for a future release? (Or if not, could it be?)



Hi Nicki,

Spark did never have an ignore feature but Openfire and supports privacy lists. I have anyhow no idea if these work also with Y! accounts and how they must be configured to do.

You may want to take a look at http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/SPARK/Privacy+Lists and press F12 within Spark to open the debug window to identify the messages (especially from=“yahoo-user” - no idea if this is a unique name like “toad@yahoo-gateway” or just “yahoo-gateway”) so you know what you want to block.

If it’'s “toad@yahoo-gateway” you may want to use the Ad-Hoc commands (Spark+F12) and send

<iq id="id1public" to="nicki@example.com/spark" type="set">
  <query xmlns="jabber:iq:privacy">
    <list name="block">
      <item action="deny" order="1" type="jid" value="toad@yahoo-gateway">
      <item action="allow" order="1000"></item>
<iq id="id2public" from="nicki@example.com/spark" type="set">
  <query xmlns="jabber:iq:privacy">
    <default name="block"></default>

This should set “block” as your default privacy list and block this user even if you logout and login again.


possibility to make it in spark for the end user to admin instead of having it server based?

We have a few requests here for an ignore feature as well. I think any IM client should have something like this available.


Spark is missing a feature to set privacy lists using a GUI but it’‘s much better to block unwanted traffic on the server instead of wasting your and the server’'s bandwidth with it.


Maybe if you want to spend all day administering your IM server. I don’'t. I can see this being an issue for sure if we go live with this. Decisions decisions. Anyone know if any of the other clients are a little more ‘‘full featured’’? But not so complicated that non-technical ppl can still find their way around them?

I know Coccinella has some filter feature but it seems to be broken (at least in CVS). Besides that it for sure is outdated and usability can be improved a lot. /me will ping Mats about this.