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Ignore User

I looked back thru the forums and it looked to be possible in previous versions of spark to be able to ignore a user. I think you would hit F12 (while inside Spark) and enter some parameters. F12 doesn’t seem to work for me in 2.5.8. Is there another way to be able to ignore a user?

I’ve been using Spark for years, starting from Jive Communicator 1.0.0, and i dont remember such option. Maybe you are talking about private lists. I dont know if there is a support for this protocol in Spark. LG probably can answer that. Maybe you were referring to XML Debug console. To start it you should Logout in Spark > Press Advanced and check Start Debugger on startup.

yeah, I think thats what I was referring to


I am guessing if you are issuing commands to the debug console its temporary and will only last as long as that session?

I think it should send your private list settings to Openfire and store them there.

so what would I add to my spark.properties to fire off debug? I am using sso and it would be easier to change there.

change debuggerEnabled=false to debuggerEnabled=true