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Ignoring on Yahoo! and other IM Gateways?

Is there a way to ignore a pesky IM’‘er that contact you via gateways? I’'ve been receiving an excessive amount of IMs recently from a lowlife on Yahoo who refuses to take a hint.

I could have sworn that there was an “ignore” feature in previous versions of Spark. (I may be mistaken)

Is this a feature that’'s coming soon? Or, how soon could this be added?



If Spark has ignore support, it -ought- to still work with these contacts. =) That said, the plugin itself has no support for ignoring as of yet. (in theory if Spark has ignore support, it should be ignorable at the XMPP level) I’‘m not sure where ignore (block lists) might be on the Spark dev’'s plans. Might want to ping them in the Spark Support forum!

Thanks for the swift reply, I’'ll do that.