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IIS to forward request to Jetty server


Currently, my server hosted both IIS (listenining on port 80) and Openfire with HTTP-binding at port 8080. I hope that I can forward all request from IIS to Jetty server so that the users can connect via port 80 to IIS.

Is there any ISAPI filter or methods I can use to forward all request to IIS to Jetty? I know we can do that for Weblogic server, but I am not sure if Jetty has any of its own native plugin, etc

Any advice will be appreciated.


After some research, I learn that you can actually use an IIS_Redirect ISAPI , a mod_jk equivalent of Apache to redirect the request to a server that implements AJP13 listener. My question is, does the embedded jetty server implements that. Alternativaly, is there any way to make it work?

For developers that is trying to do the same thing and fall on this thread, these are the resources, although I am not sure how to make it work:

IIS Redirect and AJK : http://www.newmedialogic.com/taxonomy/term/36

AJK for Jetty : http://www.jdocs.com/jetty/5.1.11.rc0/org/mortbay/http/ajp/AJP13Listener.html

Any help will be appreciated

The only thing that comes to mind is ISAPI_Rewrite (basically, mod_rewrite for IIS). I’ve used ISAPI_Rewrite before, and it worked great. I don’t know if it can tackle this scenario, but it may be worth a look.

Looking at the jdoc, my preliminary, gut instinct is that it cant be done though it would take some customization of the Openfire code to make it configurable so that jetty could be initialized properly to use the HTTP Listener.