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iJab with Openfire connects but stops after that

Hi I’m new to jabber and all this.

I first tried sparkweb but didn’t quite integrate with my page the way I wanted it to.

So then I moved on to Jwchat and I got Jwchat to connect to Openfire. The user search did not seem to function so I decided to try iJab finally.

Well by following multiple posts I can get iJab to authenticate as long as I make sure “allow secure connections only” is un-checked.

The problem is it says “Connected,get the roster” at the bottom and does not do anything else after that.

I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. The user is connected according to openfire admin console.

Anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for any help


Oh and I’m using openfire 3.6.3 and latest version of iJab.

Users are from AD.

Got Search working Jwchat. Somethign was wrong with the Search Plugin and to remove the plugin completed and reinstall it. !

Hi spertre686,

Not sure if this could help, but I remember reading from the forum here that, you need to have at least 1 user in the list.

For example,

if you login as Ben, Ben needs to have at least 1 friend in his list. If not, it will stays connected and nothing will come out.

What I did is, I use Spark to login as Ben, add a friend to his list and logout. Then, I use iJab to login again and it works

Maybe you can try this way.