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Illegal JID - underscore?

Trying to get Jive Messenger running on a W2K Pro box, authenticating to a W2K3 server with AD.

Just starting up has been problem because I’‘m getting “Illegal JID” error. The computer name has an underscore in it, which is a non-LDH character as I’'ve read from http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?forumID=40&threadID=13927&message ID=94839&#94839

Does this mean that I can’‘t run Jive Messenger on that box unless I change it’'s name??

Alternatively, was trying to get this running on a Redhat 7 box but JRE 1.5 dependency made that messy and as far as I know Jive Messenger 1.1 doesn’'t support LDAP/AD. True?

Hey Opinion8d,

The domain name does not necessarily have to be the host name. One thing you may want to try out is create a new domain name which you may want to add to the DNS to match the IP address of the server.


– Gato