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IllegalArgumentException: Can't initialize the configured debugger!

Hi all.

I am developing an Android App that uses Smack to implement a chat funcionality. I get this exception when trying to start the debugger, via Connection.DEBUG_ENABLED=true;. I am sure I type it before instanciating any Smack connection. I have Smackx.jar and Smackx-debug.jar in my classpath. I also tried with XMPPConnection.DEBUG_ENABLES=true; and i got no result.

I’ve searched and found nothing that could help me. Please help!

Note: im developing using Eclipse Indigo.

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I am having the same issue,can’t figure it out.Did u solve it?

comment this line : connConfig.setDebuggerEnabled(true);

will ok…

I tried, but I can’t, how do you set?This is what I wrote, can you help me to check?Thanks.

ConnectionConfiguration connectionConfig = new ConnectionConfiguration(

...*”, 5222);



connectionConfig.setSecurityMode(ConnectionConfiguration.SecurityMode.disabled) ;



connection = new XMPPConnection(connectionConfig);

XMPPConnection.DEBUG_ENABLED = true;

Smack does not work on Android. Use aSmack instead.