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IM Archive plugin for openfire

Any recommendations for a plug in that can export transcripts of IMs for archiving outside of OpenFire? I’m interested in free or pay plugins, but ultimately something straightforward and will export in a flexible format.

Thanks, please let me know if I can provide additional information, using the newest version of openfire, 3.7.1

We use Oracle as our Openfire backend, so all the archives end up in there. We have a really basic web app that lets you browse MUC archives and lets select people export chat archives for a specific user as CSV (typically for HR problems and litigation).

Can’t share the app, but if you get your archives in a real database it’s really easy to do.

That makes sense, but I’m not sure of the backend, I’m really looking for something to dump each conversation out and then ship it off to an archive. I would think a plug in would do this but apparently not as common as I would think it should be.