IM Client options?

Just to get my facts straight (cuz I am new to Wildfire), I can use either:

a.) Spark (only shows if on the phone, no dialing, no notifications)

b.) Trillian Pro (costs $25 for each client, has dialing & notifications)

c.) Coccinella (has dialing, no notifications, not refined, error popups)

I’‘d prefer Spark out of the 3x for it being open source, but pretty much limits its usefulness to IM’'ing and lacks the integration w/ Asterisk I was looking for.

Am I correct or am I missing something?

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Spark does have built-in support for Asterisk-IM. You can see when users are on the phone, receive notifications of incoming calls, and dial users from the roster.

As far as other client options you can use any Jabber compliant clients. Take a look at

Hope that helps.


That’'s what I thought, but then I must still be missing something…

I’‘ve gone through Wildfire and Spark both, and still can’‘t find any references to dialing or call notification… I’‘m using Wildfire 3.0.0 and Spark 1.1.4. They’'re acting perfectly as an IM platform, and everything appears to be working as it should (plugins and all).

But while I see this on the Jive WebSite…

Image: !

…I have no ‘‘Call’’ button

I can’'t find any ‘‘Dial Phone’’, such as this…

Image: !

My General Settings in Wildfire are accepted (no can’'t connect message), and Phone Mappings looks like this…


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Okay, I think I’'ve got it all figured out… It just took a lot of tinkering.

Searched a bunch & tried lots of different settings (trial & error)

Pleaz correct if wrong, but I figured these:

1.) Wildfire > Server > Edit Properties > Server Name MUST be identical to Spark > Server. Either IP or DNS, but they must match precisely. Host name in the Asterisk does NOT have to match what’'s in the DNS server, but Spark must match Wildfire.

2.) Wildfire > Asterisk-IM

    • a.) Does NOT like anything EXCEPT from-sip in Asterisk Context (i.e. can’'t specify from-internal)
    • b.) Can NOT leave Asterisk Context or Default Caller ID blank, MUST specify
    • c.) Can NOT use spaces in Default Caller ID (didn’'t try quotes tho)

3.) from-sip is NOT a valid context in Trixbox

Add ‘‘from-sip’’ to /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf, with:

include => from-internal

4.) Documentation is still absent, don’'t go looking… search forums at best

Any other words of wisdom?

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By doing the above ^^^^^, I got the popup caller notifications, call button, and dial number all working 100%. Unfortunately, it seems the perpetual status of ‘‘On the Phone’’ is a bug (not going away, hoped it would)

This is all running:

Trixbox 1.1.1


Zaptel 1.2.7

CentOS 4.3

Wildfire 3.0.0 (3.0.1 showed blank Phone Mappings)

Spark 1.1.4