IM Forwarding to cell phones

Our company just started using Spark.and I need a sparkplug that enables users to forward to cell phones. Does one exist?


a SparkPlug does not exist. Do you really want that the client does the forwarding?

Do you want to send messages as SMS or use xmpp on your cell phone?


Id like to have Spark forward my messages via SMS to my mobile when I set myself to away…and I want to be able to respond via SMS to any messages sent to me.



I usually use an email to SMS gateway - I have no idea how you send SMS but implementing a mail client / server and configure it for every Spark instance seems to be very hard to run.

Imho a SMTP server component would be much better, you may be able to use the away text (like “On The Phone”) to decide whether to forward to SMTP/SMS or not.

There were some discussions about such a gateway here some time ago.


I did somethime like it. But was a WildFire Plugin, and I have access to the SMS gateway of my current company. SMS are based in SMPP protocol.

To send a SMS to a cell phone of an operator you must have permission to do this.

Well if you have all this things, u just have to make a XMPP / SMPP gateway in your IM Server, or client.

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Take a look at


I have a hope that Spark can have the Pone Function, and i do it. so i download the cource codes of Spark, i want to modify it and add some news like cell, but i failed.

Can you tell me where can i get the finished product or some useful thing for i do???