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IM Gateway (1.1.0 beta) contacts not refreshing on reconnect

I’‘m running Openfire 3.3.1, JVM 1.6.0, MySQL 5, and IM Gateway 1.1.0 beta. I’‘ve got IM Gateways registered for AIM, ICQ, and MSN currently, which connect up to the relative services just fine and pull contacts from each. Sometimes when I connect my IM client (tried with Pidin/GAIM and Psi) to the XMPP it pulls down a list of contacts for each of the services and sometimes it doesn’‘t. I haven’‘t been able to figure a pattern out yet, but it seems that if I cycle the entire openfire daemon the contacts will sync up correctly the first time I connect. One particularly odd point is that people can message me, I’'ll get the message fine, and I can even reply successfully…

I’‘ve poked through the various logs but don’'t get anything on the warn/error sections when I connect. Something that looked funny in the “Debug” spew was if I set my client state to “Offline”, wait a bit, then set the state to “Online”, after it finishes reconnecting I see:

2007.06.12 22:17:10 An existing resource has changed status: /Home:Laptop

Not sure if that’‘s expected or what, or if it’‘s related to my actual problem. At any rate, any idea why my contacts won’'t show up?

Thanks in advance,


Hrm. You are correct in that, unless you were also logged on from a different location, you shouldn’‘t have seen “An existing resource has changed”. I’‘ve haven’‘t seen this behavior myself. How often would you say this happens and, when it happens again, would you be willing to share your debug logs as is with me? (email them to me or something so you aren’'t sharing them with the world )

So I currently have three “locations” logged on to the same main account. I have a desktop at work (account_name/Work:Desktop), a laptop at home (account_name/Home:Laptop), and a desktop at home (account_name/Home:Desktop). When I leave work, I usually don’‘t log that account out so it stays connected through the night. The home laptop disconnects when it goes to sleep, and I think I most commonly see the missing contacts on reconnect at that point. Might Openfire be getting confused by the fact that Home:Desktop and Home:Laptop have the same IP? I’‘m not sure on the actual frequency, but I think I’‘ve got a fairly reliable repro at home that I’'d be happy to email you the debug logs from. What actions do you want me to get debug log for? The round-trip logoff, login, no contacts?

Thanks for the help!


I’'ve just dropped you an email with the debug log. Let me know if you have any further questions or need more debug log.

Thanks again!


Ok thanks! It is possible that my multiple resource handling code is still broken. ( =( ) But I thought I had it all worked out!